Peanut garlic Thecha

Sometimes I wonder how can such an easy peasy thing be so delish!
Yes, all you need are these easily available four ingredients and it’ll be ready in no time. Well, also this chutney or thecha has a background to it, My grandfather is an avid lover of this one, I feel mostly because he loves garlic and loves spicy food! He wouldn’t want to have any other vegetable or Dal along, just this and fulka (Chappati) and he’d be a happy man 😀 Certainly that smile on his face, made me want to add this to my list of keeper recipes for life!! So I thought why not share it with you all, which will make me happy too. 🙂


Ingredients :
Roasted Peanuts : 1 cup
Garlic cloves : 12-15
Red Chilli Powder : 3 tsps
Salt to taste

Method :
Grind all the ingredients together, make sure they are coarse in texture and not a fine paste.
Since thecha has a nutty consistency unlike a regular chutney, maybe that adds to the flavour and makes it attractive to look at too.
Okay, that’s about it. We’re done making it! Now go make for yourself and enjoy it with a fulka loaded with ghee and this, Bliss!

Note : You can store it in a clean dry jar for about 5-6 days.